Winter beauty survival tips

Winter beauty survival tips

We want to encourage you to pause to take care of yourself by breaking down some beauty ritual ideas to get you through the busy holiday season looking and feeling your best!

1.Exfoliate your skin: This is a great ritual to really fully cleanse your face and remove any clogged up pores, we recommend using coffee grounds and mixing it with our coffee bean oil for that extra smoothness.

2.Dry your hair naturally: Now that you have the time and probably more at home with no where to go, we recommend you give your hair a break by simply air drying naturally, taking a break from heat.

3.Moisturize deeply: With the cold weather we recommend you moisturize twice a day with one of our moisturizing facial oils, we love argan! You can either mix it with your daily moisturizer or use on its own. 

4.Use masks to nourish your hair & skin: With more time on your hands at home, this is the perfect chance to apply nutritious hair & skin care masks for an hour or so (we recommend our Hibiscus Extract Hydrating Masque) as well as trying to create your own with one of our organic oils. 

5.Nourish your body: We believe beauty starts on the inside! So take advantage of the holiday season to create nutritious meals with fruits and veggies to provide the right vitamins, Minerals and proteins on the inside to reflect on your skin and hair on the outside!

Which of these winter beauty survival tips will you start to implement daily?

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