Why do our products also work for men?

Why do our products also work for men?

Today we wanted to justify why our products are also effective for men.

1.Our organic oils help with hair loss which is a common problem when men age or even in young men, our  coffee bean oil is best.

2.They are easy, practical & simple to integrate when it comes to skincare, (no fancy steps or routines which we know men don't follow) all you need is to select one of our organic oils according to your skin type (acne, dry, aging). If you're not sure you can search by our categories.

3️.Our organic oils help with dandruff (especially Argan) and create a thickening texture for thinning hair (hemp seed and coconut oil).

If you're interested in getting some Sheabiscus organic oils for the men in your life but not sure where to start feel free to email us with any questions at: contact@sheabiscus.ch 

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