The 9 essential tools to be found in your beginner’s kit

The 9 essential tools to be found in your beginner’s kit

Did you just do your “big chop”? Alternatively, you are probably wondering what to do once you have had your “big chop”? Here is a list of essential tools and products that you should urgently have to set up your routine and take care of your hair.

1) Your fingers or a wide-toothed comb:
If there is an indispensable tool to tame our hair it is our 10 fingers. But why?

You can use your fingers to simply detangle your hair. Indeed, by their very nature, our hair has an easy tendency to get tangled, detangling it requires patience and time but above all gentleness. Therefore, in my opinion, there is nothing better than your own fingers to help you do it.

The comb is also used a lot but unfortunately, it can do a lot of harm to your hair. Therefore, I will put it in 2nd position to detangle behind the fingers.

Be careful to, NEVER, detangle your hair when it is dry.

2) A spray bottle:
The spray can be used either to prepare a moisturizing lotion or simply a detangling lotion for the hair. Therefore, it is a tool that you will use several times a week for your hair care.

3) Your sulfate-free shampoo :
The purpose of sulfate, among others, is to lather and disperse greasy substances in water through a powerful chemical action, which leaves your scalp without sebum, whereas this sebum is essential for your hair, which already has little.
The SULPHATE-FREE Shampoo will save the life of your hair because the sulphate dries out the hair greatly. It is important to choose your shampoo carefully; the primary objective is to hydrate your hair and nourish it. You will also find on the market solid shampoos, which are a very good alternative nowadays.

4) Your moisturizing mask :
The hydrating mask is a deep care essential to nourish and hydrate your hair so step not to jump into your care. It should be done at least once every second week. This care is to be put during 20mn on your hair.

5) Your protein care :
The protein care is also a deep hair care that is done once a month and must be followed imperatively by the deep moisturizing conditioning hair care. This is to repair the keratin in your hair and give it the strength and proteins to grow. To be applied for a maximum of 20 minutes.

6) Your self-heating cap:
The self-heating cap allows you to put your hair in good conditions during your care to bring them the natural heat of your body and thus condition the products you have put on your hair. Therefore, it allows an even more effective penetration of your hair care products.

7) Your microfiber towel or an old cotton t-shirt:
Using a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt allows you to avoid absorbing all the moisture your hair has acquired during your treatments. In addition, it keeps the hair from getting frizzy. So do not neglect it.

8) Your satin cap, scarf and/or pillow:
This accessory is a must-have when you are at home. Never forget it before going to bed or leaning your head (the nape of the neck) on a cushion. Always protect your hair with this satin scarf to avoid making your ends split and dry as well as to avoid losing your hair’s moisture.

9) One or several natural and organic oil(s):
Organic oils are essential for your pre-poo. This step will prepare your hair before washing it, but will also give strength and nourish your hair while protecting it. Always do it before shampooing.

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