Success often goes hand in hand with self-appreciation

Success often goes hand in hand with self-appreciation

Success often goes hand in hand with self-appreciation

I almost hear you wondering: “how about that?”

Well, I confess that this certainty was not one, at the very beginning, of what I will call my personal journey of discovery of my self as a “natural woman”. Indeed, if you had asked me the same question 5 years ago, the answer would definitely be different.

I began this journey of personal appreciation after much reflection (with the maturity I guess) and because I was tired of depigmenting my skin (yes I did do it slightly but I did it) and depending on weaves and wigs to be able to feel beautiful.

From the day I realized that I wanted to discover my self, my original beauty, I didn’t go there by 4 paths. I shaved my hair and threw away my depigmenting and hair relaxing products. Yes, it was out of the question to go step by step as the women around me told me: “you’ll blacken all of a sudden and you won’t be as pretty”; “straighten your hair at least once a year”, and so on.

I am not going to lie to you, during my journey as a “nappy girl” and in search of re-appropriation of my black skin, I very often doubted but I never flinched. The doubt was not due to discouragement, when faced with how time consuming it was to take care of myself or to the fact that my hair was not growing as fast as I wanted it to. Nope! It was mostly due to the surprise of discovering my real physical self in front of the mirror with my nappy hair and black skin. I was so different from what I was before! I was at the antipodes, yet so beautiful, of the standards of beauty in this current society. However, this need to pursue my quest was rooted deep inside of me!

There was no turning back, I was doing well. Moreover, fortunately so, because I have never been more convinced to do what is best for me than with this adventure. Furthermore, to see the looks and to hear the comments of appreciation and admiration of my family and friends as to: “wow, how you got your hair so beautiful?”; “What cream do you use to make your hair grow?”; “Your black skin is so beautiful, smooth and shiny”; etc, was a source of personal satisfaction beyond measure.

Four years later, here I am in total excitement when I see myself, the original one I see in front of the mirror. What am I saying? I have gone crazy about my hair and skin, which I have learned to tame, to cherish and to love with all my strength for my greatest happiness.

With this journey of self-discovery, I noticed that the more I gained confidence and loved the self I saw in the mirror, the more I naturally reflected this confidence, especially in my professional environment and with my friendships. A natural selection was made and I made my professional place without much effort in environments not so open to diversity.

However, my quest is not over because I will only be satisfied when I hear my friends telling me: “It is okay, you’re right, I don’t need this wig to feel beautiful because I am beautiful with my hair.” I am saying, the wig should be an option and nothing else!

You need motivation? Some encouragement? Strength? Advice? Join the adventure and free this MAGIC of black beauty and afro hair.

Shea’Biscus is yours.


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