Self care activities to start the year strong

Self care activities to start the year strong


For this new season we wanted to give you some ideas for self care activities to practice with your family and friends to start the new year strong .


1.Organize a spa day: This can be amongst your friends create hair and skincare mask recipes along with maybe a self massage, this will help reset and re energize for what’s coming.


2.Yearly reflection: Think about what went wrong and right this year, consider journaling about the new things you’re wanting to attract, and goals you’re wanting to set.


3.Beauty routine audit : Have a look at your beauty closet and get rid of those things you find you will no longer need, maybe have expired and consider replacing them by good quality organic skincare products , when choosing your products think about your skincare or haircare steps and how you ideally like to care for yourself.


4.Self care goals: Set your goals for the new year in terms of how you’ll take better care or yourself and what new daily habits you will integrate to make sure you feel your best. This can be as simple as a daily meditation practice or daily goals.

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