How to create an effective beauty routine

How to create an effective beauty routine

Stepping into a new year in January we want to encourage you to re-evaluate your beauty routine to see where you can improve!


How can you go about it?

1.Audit the state of your skin & hair : How does it look and feel? Think about the key factors that may affect it. Consider what have you been eating? How long have you been sleeping? How much water have you been drinking?

2.Research ingredients that help with your type of skin and hair: if you have dry skin or hair you should look for more moisturizing oils like argan, avocado, coconut, or thick moisturizing masks. With sensitive skin you should look for soothing oils like sunflower or jojoba oil.

3.Consider selecting your essential beauty products according to what your skin and hair need : From hydrating, repairing to soothing and what are the ingredients present that promote these benefits. 

4.Consider thinking how will your routine differ from morning to night: For example, morning can focus more on hydration, night more on #cleansing and nourishing.

What would be your ideal beauty ritual? 

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