About Us

Annie Faye Humair founded Shea’Biscus in late 2019 to pursue her dream and passion for textured hairs.
When she decided to stop straightening her hair in 2016, she came up against a limited supply of good products that respected her hair type in her country and were expensive.
She then started ordering products from the USA on the internet. As she took care of her hair, she realized that there was only one shop in Geneva that sold products that
respected her hair and with a limited stock. Her friends of black origin often told her about the difficulty of finding these products, their prices but also the difficulty of taking care of their hair.
Shea’Biscus is a contraction of two words “Shea Butter” and “Hibiscus”.
Why these 2 words which are symbols of African nature? Shea butter is used by all segments of the African population because of its many protective properties for skin and hair. Indeed, it promotes the increase of local capillary circulation. Hibiscus flower is known to stimulate growth and prevent the formation of split ends while strengthening the hair and thus rid the scalp of dead cells; therefore dandruff.
Annie has a deep and intense love for textured hair, plants and organic products from Africa with all their virtues because they allow people of black origin to express themselves and to be themselves and natural.
Belief in the differences that unite and in the beauty of being oneself is what distinguishes Shea’Biscus.
Her advice to those who follow suit and start is to keep climbing to the top and not let anyone tell you that you won’t be able to achieve your goals or that you are wasting time.
Stay fierce, aim high and continue to serve this magic of the black woman!



Limits? What does that even mean?

Having the conviction that no matter what, I we will succeed. Yes, I will, in a country where I could barely find products that respect my hair. I want to provide my fellow owners of kinky, curly and coily hair products that are developed, produced and sold in Switzerland with all the quality in time, research, expertise and ingredients that it could cost.
Yep, there cannot be fears or limits but only courage, positive thinking and love.


Shea’Biscus’ founder

It took 3 years to Annie to execute her dream of founding a company that develops healthy hair products for the Kinky, curly and coily hairs mainly.
The African diaspora leaving in Switzerland feel a bit left aside when it comes to finding products that respect their hair and here we come. With Shea’Biscus, haircare becomes effective, indulgent and on hand.


Pioneer in Switzerland

3 years ago, I began dreaming about having access to healthy hair care products for my son and me. Healthy hair care products means a lot to me, amongst others: products that are natural and moisturize my hair; organic oils that come from around the world, soften and make my hair shine. In other words, products that RESPECT my hair in their natural state.


Shrinkage movement

Talking about the natural state of the kinky, coily and curly hair means talking about this amazing capacity of the hair to shrink whenever it is in contact with humidity. My hair shrink because it is healthy, my hair shrink because it is happy and I want to tell all of my fellow kinky hair naturalistas that shrinkage is normal!
Embrace your hair that shrink and let it be natural and flowless.

The Shea'Biscus Promise

We do not compromise. Our promise is a guarantee that our products are safe, effective and sensory. And of course, our hair care products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, formaldehyde, oil, phthalates or sulfates.
In fact, we ban hundreds of ingredients and regularly update this list.
We respect your hair. And we promise that we will always do so.

Products Made in the Swiss Alps

Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps, our manufacturing plant is supplied by a pure water source that draws its strength from the heart of our mountains.
Exempt from any treatment, our natural water is pure and rich in trace elements. Its trace elements are a precious contribution to our hair, help to hydrate it and increase its resistance to external aggressions.
Water is a key ingredient in the formulation of our cosmetic products. All our cosmetic products are proudly manufactured in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.
We maintain total control over the ingredients, working conditions, hygiene and safety of our products, and we work hard to ensure a positive experience. Our products are also approved by the Swiss and European regulatory authorities, so you can have the added assurance that what you put on your hair has been done with love.
In addition to allowing us to maintain total control over the safety and quality of our products, the manufacture of our cosmetics contributes to Switzerland’s economic development while creating jobs and supporting African communities.
It also contributes to our environmental mission by reducing our carbon footprint.
By manufacturing our products in Switzerland, we reduce shipping and transport requirements.
Our plant is also subject to strict environmental guidelines and therefore complies with quality standards and is GMP and Ecocert certified.